Show of hands: How many people knew that, in addition to being an actor, Matthew McConaughey is also an aspiring rap lyricist? No one? Well he is: In a new interview with GQ, McConaughey revealed that he has "821...aphorisms, bumper stickers, truths, and rhymes" on his "slim laptop," most of which he came up with himself. "Rhymes," apparently, also includes raps, as he goes on to explain:

McConaughey pauses to let the power of the words resonate. He is an avid collector of bits of wisdom like this. “I got 821 of them,” he says, nodding toward a slim laptop containing “aphorisms, bumper stickers, truths, and rhymes,” many of which he has come up with himself. Lately he has been writing bits of rap songs. Rollin' through yellow lights on my skateboard, he speak-sings. Kiss the fire and walk away whistlin'.

Every once in a while, a rapper comes along who changes the world with their voice and their songs. Is Matthew McConaughey that rapper? The line, "rollin' through yellow lights on my skateboard" tells us...yes.

[via Vulture]