With all of the hype that surrounded Twitter's IPO, not everyone excited for the occasion.

Mark Zuckerberg knows that Twitter is the next biggest rival to his Facebook empire, and a newly surfaced comment Zuck gave about the company truly sheds light on how he feels about the company. In NYT writer Nick Bilton's new book about the social network, "Hatching Twitter," it's revealed that Zuck once told a group of close friends, "[Twitter is] such a mess, it’s as if they drove a clown car into a gold mine and fell in." Bilton couldn't track down the date of the comment, but it was allegedly made within the last three years, after Zuck made an acquisition offer to Twitter, which they turned down. This is around the time that Al Gore tried to buy Twitter, after he had a night of wine and tequila. Seriously. When Facebook went public on Nasdaq, it was plagued with a ton of issues, and it took months for them to begin getting a good foundation on the market. Twitter launched on the New York Stock Exchange and has a much more successful opening.

We can only wonder what Zuck is thinking now.

[via HuffPost]