If you're the kind of person who thinks their life is exciting enough that it deserves to be streamed, then we've got a camera for you.

The Looxcie 3 portable camera lets users live-stream their lives over Wi-Fi in 480p simply by wearing the device. Users can live-stream to friends and fam, or straight to Facebook if they're willing to go a step further. It can record, in 720p HD, while streaming—so users can go back and replay the footage everyone else is watching. With a click of a button users can snap photographs, as well. Users can take it anywhere since the camera is light enough to attach to a shirt, necklace or backpack, and storage is flexible: the Looxcie 3 can take microSD cards up to 64GB. And by downloading the Looxcie app, users can see and control what the camera is doing, right off their smartphones. 

“While the market for wearable cameras has been proven by thrill seekers," says Looxcie CEO Romulus Pereira, "Looxcie 3 invites anyone who doesn’t want to miss life’s spontaneous moments to wear and share in real time by offering a camera loaded with features and wearing options at an affordable price. Whether walking to school, flying down a roller coaster or catching a family member’s baseball game, it has never been easier to share video."

Check it out here for $99.