A familiar face for the future.

LeVar Burton is back, and breaking down NASA's current MAVEN mission to Mars that will attempt to figure out why the red planet lost its atmosphere so long ago. MAVEN, which stands for Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution missioN, is dedicated to finding out why our celestial neighbor became dry and barren, and if this strikes a chord with you, that's exactly what scientists hope to do. With climate change becoming a bigger and bigger threat each year, not only to us, but the rest of the species found on Earth, finding out what happened to Mars could help save our planet. But with climate change deniers still out there, scientists recruited Burton to help connect with the public, with the hopes that he can spark some more interest in the matter. Hey, outside of Rugrats and Power RangersReading Rainbow is thread almost all 90s kids have with one another. The video gives a CGI look into a previous version of Mars, and what human explorers will look like on the planet in the future. It's a pretty basic look at Maven, as there’s a wealth of other information that scientists are invaluably interested in. A companion video from NASA shows what Mars may have looked like 4 billion years ago, a place eerily similar to Earth, but absent of (intelligent) life. 

Check it out below.