A woman was arrested in Fellsmere, Fla. this week after allegedly hurling metal ninja stars at her younger brother. What average person just keeps ninja stars lying around for the throwing?

Anyway, 25-year-old Kimberly Martinez was charged with aggravated assault for attacking her 21-year-old brother, Randy, following a Wednesday evening argument. Randy was reportedly upset that their younger sister had a boy over the home, while Kimberly, perhaps eager to let her younger sister sow her royal oats, was cool with it. 

The tension boiled over and Kimberly began to beat and choke her brother, in addition to trying to put a cigarette out on his face. Randy fled the home after his sister tried to put the bogey out in his face, N.O.R.E. style; that's when Kimberly emerged, chasing him with a filet knife while tossing metal stars.

He survived the attack, mostly because his sister's aim is atrocious. These siblings need a crash course in family values. Like, yesterday.

[via The Smoking Gun]