In an effort to defend Alec Baldwin, whose show was just canceled by MSNBC today following an incident involving him going on a slur-laced tirade against a photographer, Joan Rivers tried to make a point that people are just too "uptight" these days...and proceeded to go on an offensive slur-laced tirade of her own. In a very explicit video posted by TMZ, Rivers comments that "everyone" is some sort of racial slur, then proceeds to list them all out loud to the cameras. 

"So why don’t we all just calm down?" she asks, after saying about six racial/religious slurs in a row. "Be thankful that we're all living in America, and stop, everybody, being so damn uptight." 

It's probably important at this point to mention: Last anyone checked, Joan Rivers is still a rich old white lady from Brooklyn. In other words, she has no room to talk about racial or religious slurs. 

You can see footage of Rivers' rant above.

[via TMZ]