City: New York
Neighborhood: Dumbo
Address: 1520 Sedgwick Ave.
Closed doors in: Sometime in the '80s
Famous for: Known to many as "the birthplace of hip-hop"

Although it may not be considered the official venue (if there could even be one), 1520 Sedgwick Ave. was credited as a pivotal epicenter for hip-hop. Though its moniker as the birthplace of hip-hop may get an eye-roll from hip-hop purists, the place left an undeniable influence in hip-hop's early years. DJ Kool Herc threw house concerts at the rec room, which featured DJing and MCing from a number of acts including Grandmaster Flash, Busy Bee, Afrika Bambaattaa, Red Alert, and KRS-One. Even though the parties eventually lost their fervor due to gentrification, the place served as the inspiration to KRS-One's conscious rap group, Boogie Down Productions.