City: Los Angeles
Neighborhood: Mac Arthur Park Area
Address: 715 South Park View
Closed doors in: 1985
Famous for: Featured in the documentary Breakin'

Radiotron opened up a chapter in L.A. hip-hop history when it came out from a nightclub titled Radioclub, where Ice T served as the MC. While it wasn't a music venue per se, it was a safe haven for youth, as it fused all the aspects of hip-hop culture under one roof: DJing, MCing, tagging, and breaking. Many performers at Radiotron served as the pioneers of West coast rap including the Radio Crew featuring Ice T, Chris "The Glove," Egyptian Lover, and Henry G. The film Breakin' was filmed here, and the club's closure in 1984 inspired the film Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.