City: St. Louis
Neighborhood: Hi-Pointe
Address: 1001 McCausland Ave.
Closed doors in: September 3, 2006
Famous for: Instrumental to developing the careers of Ruff Ryders and Julez Santana

Serving as St. Louis' premier dive bar, Pointe Blank was the second home to a diverse crowd: hardcore lifers, punks, hard-rockers, and hip-hop purists. Artists like Jeff Buckley and Queens of the Stone Age performed there back in its glory days, but that's not to say the venue didn't cater to its local patron. The venue was instrumental in showcasing a number of hip-hop acts like Ruff Ryders, Julez Santana, and DMac, among others. It was a hot spot on Monday nights when local acts like DJ Solo and Chilly C or burgeoning talents like David Banner and the Clipse could be found playing.