The massively multiplayer online smash fest Guild Wars 2 is launching its newest update The Nightmare Within on November 12.

To kick off the countdown to the newest update, Areanet, Guild Wars’ developer, is hosting a “heavy metal music video” contest. Starting today through November 26 players, fans or just simply dark souls who linger in the shadows of the blood-stained moon, can submit a one-minute video for The Nightmares Within song, available here and featured in the video clip below. Winners could snag a 3D-printed Guild Wars 2 guitar from Sygnus Guitars.  Interested dark editors of the video clip should scope out the details here.

If you’ve never ventured into the world of Guild Wars 2 it features some dark art and intense battles. Most noticeably the game features a dynamic event system, which is unique in massively multiplayer games. Instead of traditional quests which each player must complete. The dynamic system means that each player’s experience will be different and the effects of the players around them have a tangible effect in game. What’s all that mean? Crazy-immersive, addictive, smashing gameplay.

Guild Wars 2: The Nightmares Within drops on November 12 for PC and Mac.

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