It's time to stop hearing about it and get to seeing what it's all about.

On the Google Glass site, people can now sign up to try out the Explorer edition of the device. By heading to the page, they can now click a link that says "if a spot open up, I want to purchase Glass and become an Explorer." Previously, the Explorer editions of Google Glass were only open to developers selected by Google, or by people invited to the program by people who were already Explorers. Exclusive, to say the least. This doesn't mean that Google Glass is going to be officially launched anytime soon; it's still slated for a 2014 debut. But this is more of an expansion of the Explorer program, essentially, which means whoever wants to sign up for the program still has to fork over the $1,500 that it takes to purchase one. (The consumer version of Glass will likely be a lower price than that.) So, if you've been wanting I get your hands on some Glass to show off to all of your friends, well, this is as good of a chance you've had so far. If you want to sign up, head here.

[via Phandroid]