You have to appreciate the novelty of ice cream that not only glows in the dark, but glows more with each lick. Charlie Francis of Lick Me I'm Delicious fame debuted this new edible magic trick, and the British ice cream connoisseur did it using jellyfish protein. It's a tad bit pricey ($225), but someone out there will pay that for ice cream. There's always someone. 

Francis got the idea after reading up on jellyfish, then collaborated with Chinese scientists to make it happen. The reason the glow gets more powerful by the lick is because licks increase the pH levels of the protein. Anyone intimidated by the concept of licking anything jellyfish-related (or paying $225 to do it) should know that Francis also made a gin & tonic sorbet—sans the jellyfish protein—that glows thanks to the quinine in the tonic. 

[via Thrillist]