Four people were arrested in California for allegedly kidnapping a marijuana dispensary owner and severing his penis. Authorities apprehended Naomi Josette Kevorkian and Ryan Anthony Kevorkian in Fresno yesterday. Hossein Nayeri was arrested in Prague, while Shirakawa Handley was arrested last year.

Their target had reportedly taken Handley on a trip to Las Vegas a year prior to the attack and targeted him because they were convinced he had cash hidden in the desert, Walter White style. They were wrong.

Last October, three members of the group went to the man's Newport Beach home, then robbed and tortured he and his girlfriend with a blowtorch before taking the couple out to the desert. Upon arriving at the spot where they thought the money was hidden, they cut the man's penis off, doused him with bleach and left with his penis so it couldn't be reattached. The man's girlfriend was forced to run to a main road a mile away to flag down police for assistance. 

All four have been charged with kidnapping, which Handley pleaded not guilty to in October.

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