Video game characters can reach epic, and often god-like, proportions of being when they're imagined up by any title's developers.

We've seen plenty of horrifying creatures spring up in the annals of video game history—think about Giygas from Earthbound, or Nemesis from Resident Evil—but what about the villains and heroes who truly are gods? Like real, actual gods. How do regular, old bad guys compare to the battles we faced against established figures like Zeus or Poseidon? Or even demons that were constructed within their own video game mythology like Diablo's Baal or Skyrim's Alduin?

When gamers have to go up against opponents of this scale and magnitude, suddenly old-time foes like The Joker or Bowser can just no longer compare. And with Thor: The Dark World now in theaters and the mobile game now available on both iOS and Android, it's time to figure out who the best of these divine deities are, both good and bad. These are the 25 Most Feared Gods in Video Games. 

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