Beck's "Loser" was your anthem, but you're nothing near a loser. However, your insecurities stop you from going through with things, and you care what people think about you when you shouldn't. Your Tumblr account is primarily composed of solemn poems and lines from songs that help you with your insecurities.

On the plus side, you're very imaginative and creative, hoping to one day create a comic book franchise that turns into a billion dollar venture. You play the banjo or some other unconventional instrument which normally shouldn't work in your favor, but you're a good singer, too. You hope that some of the songs you've written will get the love of your life's attention, or, at the very least, the opening spot on a tour with The Lumineers. Everybody else may dislike "Hey Ho," but you're a sucker for foot stomps and relatable and cheesy lyrics.