Address: Varies

You don’t have to have been born with a silver spoon in order to chow down at this two-year-old, invite-only supper club (they call it a “membership-based social dining experiment”). But good luck trying to score a seat at this table, where up-and-coming chefs prepare an anything-goes five-course meal—alcohol included—in locations throughout the city (it could be Cuban food in a 19th-century Methodist church one night and Chilean specialties on the rooftop of an abandoned building another). With membership capped at 1,000 and buzz for these semi-weekly dinners at an all-time high, you’d better be prepared to add your name to the waiting list for membership and then wait… and wait and wait. If you do score a membership, you’d better be ready to hang with an experimental group of diners who don’t shy away from dishes that others might be afraid to try (live snakes were once used to prepare a cocktail at a Vietnamese-themed dinner). But here’s the good news: the group has recently expanded its dinners outside of New Orleans, and some of those cities (including Los Angeles and Miami) do have openings. So, well, there’s that.