CCP Games, the developer of EVE Online the massively multiplayer online game know for its dedicated users and massive space battles, is expanding its charity efforts to raise funds for the relief effort in the Philippines following the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan.

EVE Online has already begun its PLEX for Good campaign allowing players to donate in-game raising over $43,000. Now CCP is pulling out the stops for its charity Livestream on Twitch.

Developers CCP Dolan with be shot with a paintball for ever $2,000 raised. Developer Guards will spar against a Tae Kwon Do medalist for $60 (read: get beat up). Other forms of torture in the name of charity are several staff members getting large, and as you might have guessed, EVE themed tattoos. If the pot gets up to $125,000 developer Mimic will have her head shaved. Let’s not forget people, it’s really cold up in Iceland, so that’s no small price to pay.

Tune in on Twitch, December 7 and check out more info on the CCP site.

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[Via CCP]