News that will surprise just about no one: According to BBC, Downton Abbey has officially been renewed for a fifth season, which will air at some point next year.

"We promise all the usual highs and lows, romance, drama and comedy," Gareth Neame, the director of the show's production company Carnival Films, commented as the news was announced. Good to hear, because Downton Abbey is literally the only show on TV where we can get both historical drama and soap opera drama in one place—where would we be without it? 

The fourth season is currently coming to a close in the UK, and is set to air through PBS' Masterpiece Theater next year. Ratings this year have been stellar, to say the least: As of now, episodes in the UK are averaging about 11.8 million viewers a week, and the third season, which aired on PBS this past January, earned an average of 12 million viewers an episode.

Season four of Downton Abbey will premiere on January 5th on PBS' Masterpiece Theater.

[via BBC News]