Denver is one of several cities to pass a somewhat confusing, yet totally hilarious "odor ordinance" which could levy a $2,000 fine for anyone caught filling the air with inappropriately dank levels of marijuana. So how are police determining when that loud is a bit too loud? The Nasal Ranger

Also known as an olfactometer, police in Denver are using this telescope for the nose to pick up on unacceptable marijuana odor levels in the air. Users inhale and will see the level of the offensive scent, even though it's probably easier use a more traditional device: the human nose. Furthermore, the $1,500 nose telescope is only as useful as the cop wielding it. If an officer has a weak sense of smell, the Nasal Ranger isn't exactly reliable.

Are these the future of marijuana legalization and regulation, assuming no one stops and realizes what a ridiculous waste of money they are?

[via The Telegraph and VICE]