Daniel Radcliffe's been acting since he was 11 years old, so it's no surprise that he feels at home on film sets. During a long talk with The Guardian he said: "There's an assumption that people make where if you've grown up on a set, surely you must be tired of that or want to go somewhere else. But actually, I've never known anything but being on film sets and I love them. They are places of immense comfort and familiarity."

He then drove his love of sets home by revealing this somewhat morbid wish: "I hope I get to die on one. Honestly. [Though] later rather than sooner." So there you have it. Despite never needing to work another day in his life thanks to eight, billions-earning films as a certain boy wizard, Daniel Radcliffe will continue to work until he literally drops dead, at which point this Guardian quote will become world infamous. He can be seen currently as Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings.

[via DigitalSpy]