The trees are almost completely bare, there's a chill in the air, and Christmas tchotchkes have been in stock for a month and a half already. There's no more denying it. It's Thanksgiving. You're due at your family's table this Thursday, dressed in your best, for a day of family, stuffing your face, and putting your foot in your mouth. Seriously, try to avoid bringing up your liberal college views about gun control at the table in front of your grandpa—you know it just upsets him. 

Still not in the mood for Turkey Day? Where's your holiday spirit (and that sweater vest your aunt worked so hard on, you need to put that on)? To help you get in the mood—cue porn music—we've assembkled a pop culture playlist of Thanksgiving scenes from classic movies and TV shows. It's the best of the best on this pop culture playlist to prepare you for alcoholic uncles and football. Hold on to your butts.

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