The residents of an apartment building in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant section dread this time of year because the building hasn't had heat in eight years. Ever since Shinda Management Corp. took over 305 Decatur St. in 2005, the building has become a frigid nightmare during the winter. Though today is relatively nice, winter is coming.

Though some residents managed to convince the owners to make the merciful investment of baseboard heating, it was a war to get that done.

Resident Collette Wright posed a question to DNAinfo which reveal the building's conditions during the colder months: "Have you ever been so cold that you're under your covers and you feel the cold on your eyeballs?"

Despite the Department of Housing Preservation and Development collaborating with Shinda to arrange repairs (like much-needed new boilers), the work—which was supposed to begin in 2008—never happened. That alone should show residents how important they are.

[via Gothamist and DNAinfo]