Year of release: 2008

Finally, we got a Metal Gear that got the camera right without a re-release. It's easy to "stealth around" when you can see more than twenty feet in front of Snake (who's aged worse than Bruce Jenner). We also finally got a Metal Gear with a vast array of physical settings.

A virtual range of levels, from: South America (which felt like Snake Eater all over), to a giant battleship, to an amazingly well done return to Shadow Moses. After mulling it over for far too long, I can think of no moment in gaming that invokes a feeling of personal aging and nostalgia like approaching the heliport, hearing "The Best is Yet to Come" and realizing "Holy crap...that was ten years ago!"

Just realize it's not all over when Snake knocks out Liquid--er--Revolver--er--whomever, to a MGS greatest hits soundtrack. No, that's not a reference to the hard-on inducing fifth installment.

What we meant was the hour and two minute ending movie that attempts to wrap things up. Hey, it's still Hideo Kojima.