In 2013, few skills are more valuable for you to learn than web design and coding. For those fluent in HMTL, CSS, JavaScript, or Python, endless employment opportunities are available for the numerous companies, professionals, and artists who are looking to present themselves to the rest of the world with a creatively-assmbled portfolio or a slick, user-friendly website. Unfortunately, coding isn't the easiest skill to pick up, and the language of tags and source codes is still basically a foreign tongue to most of us. However, thanks to programs like Coursera, Codecademy, and HTML5 Rocks, this learning gap is slowly, but surely, being bridged. Available for free, right from your laptop, resources like these allow you to pick up the basics or advanced principles of coding right away, and put them to work for your own uses. What are you waiting for? Check out The 10 Best Free Resources for Learning to Code, and get started on the next big thing in web design now.