If you discovered your life's passion after spending four years and thousands of dollars on something else, you may not be totally S.O.L. Just because you've decided to become a mime doesn't mean you have to completely leave behind your once lucrative career in dental hygiene. I have a friend who is now a successful comedy writer who went to law school. While I slaved away at the Apple Store for forty hours a week, he worked ten hours a week doing the work that none of the other lawyers at the firm wanted. You don't want to know how much more he made than I did in those ten hours. Another friend is a licensed personal trainer by day and a stand-up comic by night. William Carlos Williams held his job as a doctor for most of his life. Odds are, whatever bullshit you're writing in your journal can't touch William Carlos Williams, so don't be afraid to hang on to that safety net until you truly don't need it.