As far as I can tell, whether you are called a babysitter or a nanny largely depends on how much money your employer makes. If you are from a foreign country and your boss assumes he might be able to someday have sex with you, they'll call you an au pair. It is preferable to be a nanny. Whether you are babysitting for the lower, middle, or upper class, the rule is the same: the kids are the key. Bribe the child with ice cream, television, or independence so you can rehearse your audition monologue. Give them what they want and in exchange take the time you need to do you. If the child eventually tries to turn traitor and rat you out for dereliction of duty, they'll have to think long and hard about the dirt you have on them. All is fair when chasing your dreams, and you might have to step on some toddler backs to get there.