Sprint is making school cool again.

By partnering with Best Buy, the phone carrier is offering a year of free phone service to students who purchase a smartphone from the store. And students aren't just getting some watered down deal: the promotion includes unlimited texting and voice minutes, along with 1GB of data. All students have to do is go down to Best Buy and purchase a phone at full retail price, and verify that they go to college, high school or middle school within two weeks of picking up the phone. This is all contract-free Do you love tech and pop culture? Addicted to Twitter? Intern for Complex TECH next semester. Email jasonh@complex.com with your resume. as well, since Sprint doesn't require students to sign a wireless contract—but they do have to buy a Sprint phone at full price and pay the $36 activation fee. If students want a bigger load of data a month if that measly 1GB isn't cutting it, they can pick up unlimited data for $10 a month. Users can get another 12 months of free service if they refer a friend, but the lines have to be under the same account. The Unlimited, My Way promotion lasts until the end of the year, so you still have some time to ask the 'rents if they're willing to get you an upgraded phone for Christmas.

Keep in mind, though, that these phones are still quite expensive without the two-year contract deal.

[via AllThingsD]