Lionel’s Battle Train dropped last august and since then it’s been downloaded over 90,000 times. This month brings an all-new update to the mobile tower-defense train blaster.

Battle Train version 1.6 will add tons of new features including resource management and allows players jump into the action quicker than ever. Add to that the massive number of weapons, customizations and post-apocalyptic steampunk vibe and it’s one of the most fun free-to-play games around. If you’ve haven’t played Battle Train yet, grab it for free in the Apple Store.

Do you recognize the name Lionel? The model train company has been around for over hundred years but this is the first time it has ventured into the mobile era and it’s just the beginning. Lionel is launching a new online hub for all things trains including the latest updates to Battle Train and launching apps to control physical models from iOS enable devices.

Lionel’s Battle Train is out now for iOS devices for free. Check out the Battle Train Facebook and for more info about where Lionel is going in the mobile age and scope its site for further updates.

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