If you're going to leak information and talk trash about the government on social media, don't think they won't find out who you are. If you're going to do all the above while you're working at the White House, don't expect to have a job.

The White House fired a senior official after finding out he was behind the anonymous Twitter account @NatSecWonk. The account was used since 2011 by 40-year-old Jofi Joseph to openly criticize the policies of his bosses and insult the intelligence and appearance of people like Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin. But it wasn't until the Twitter account started tweeting questions about the United States' involvement in the Benghazi attacks that the government began looking into the identity behind the account. Investigators followed Joseph's travel schedule, shopping, and tweeting records before finally cutting him loose last week and having @NatSecWonk removed from Twitter. Joseph was a director nuclear non-proliferation and had been involved with a team that was working on negotiations with Iran. He was scheduled to move on to staff rotation at the Pentagon, but now all of that has been cut short. Joseph tried claiming the Twitter account started off as a parody, but soon turned all out troll as time went on.

"It has been a privilege to serve in this Administration and I deeply regret violating the trust and confidence placed in me," Joseph told Politico Tuesday. "What started out as an intended parody account of DC culture developed over time into a series of inappropriate and mean-spirited comments. I bear complete responsibility for this affair and I sincerely apologize to everyone I insulted."

Guess Joseph never heard of the NSA. Finding out who you are on Twitter is just child's play for the government at this point.

[via Politico]