Vine, the app that was once thought to have been delivered a deathblow by Instagram, has just gotten a huge update that will make it exponentially better.

Today, Vine introduced two new features: Time Machine and Sessions, which are fancy ways of saying you can now edit the order of your Vine clips, delete and re-record them, or save an entire video session for later editing. It's an awesome move from Vine that will surely make the big time Viners pretty happy, and may open the door for some up-and-coming users to get a little more creative.

One of Vine's weaknesses before the update was if a user wanted to, say, create a Vine that started at their house but ended at the mall, they would have to keep their app open from the time they left until they arrived at the mall to capture that final clip (with their fingers crossed that the app didn't crash.) This takes care of that problem. Users can save up to 10 sessions at the same time, so if your mind is running wild with ideas, shoot away.

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