Searching for things on Tumblr has been a drag. Until now.

Tumblr has released an updated search engine that will let you search through posts using words, tags, and multiple tags, (i.e., #cat #gifs) instead of just a single tag, as it was before. If you wanted to search for "Grumpy Cat," putting in the worts will show you posts that mention Grumpy Cat within the body or tags. If you hit up #GrumpyCat GIFs, then GIFs tagged with #grumpycat will appear. If you try out #GrumpyCat #LilBub GIFs, then only images with both of those tags will appear. The search will also show you related blogs, and you'll be able to mess around with search filters (and that goes for the explicit content filters as well, sickos.) This might all seem a little WTF to non-Tumblr users, since this seems all pretty basic features to have in a search feature, but it should be welcomed new to Tumblr users who have been hoping for a better way to search through 65 billion posts. Sign in to your Tumblr account to give it a try.

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[via Tumblr]