This New Trailer For HBO's "True Detective" Is Even Better Than the Last One

HBO's upcoming series, True Detective, is promising to be a dark and gritty cop drama unlike any of those procedurals that CBS keeps releasing—and by the looks of the trailers, it seems they're really not lying. The second trailer for the Matthew McConaughey- Woody Harrelson-starring series has just hit the web, and it's just as suspensful and intriguing as the first one from last month. Maybe even more so.

As previously reported, the series follows two cops in the backroads and swamps of Louisiana as they attempt to solve a one huge case and become obsessed with the search for a serial killer that lasts nearly two decades. While Harrelson and McConaughey star in this season, future seasons won't dwell on the same characters and storylines—to keep storylines fresh through the years, future seasons will focus on different detectives in a different town, solving a completely different case.

You can check out the trailer above. True Detective will premiere on HBO in January 2014.

[via Vulture]

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