Toni Christina Jenkins, a 19-year-old nursing student and server at a Franklin, Tenn. Red Lobster, was beyond insulted when she two customers wrote "nigger" in place of a tip on a $44 tab.

In an interview with ABC News, Jenkins said she elected to share a photo of the tab on Facebook in order to "create awareness that racism is still taking place in this generation." That backfired, as Jenkins was suspended for posting the receipt online—a violation of company policy.

Out of theblue, she was blessed with some good karma: a $10,000 tip when she returned to work. founder Matthew Hanson started a campaign called "Tips for Toni" that raised $10,749. "I wanted to send a clear message that people are disgusted by racism and people won’t tolerate that behavior," Hanson told the New York Daily News.

Jenkins put the money to good use, taking a portion to buy a used Toyota Camry that she had been saving her tips for and giving the rest to her family and charity. That's how you pay it forward.

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