When: September 2003
Where: The O'Reilly Factor

Rarely do you see a guest as amused to be on The O'Reilly Factor as Tom Green. O'Reilly invited Green on his show to discuss his dislike of the then-popular Bum Fights DVD series. O'Reilly attempted to bait Green into saying he disapproves of same-sex kissing on television, as well. Green was to smart for that, quickly drawing a line between same-sex kissing and Bum Fights.

But O'Reily didn't stop there. He next attempted to drag Eminem over the coals. Tom told Bill, "I don't think you understand rap music."  Then the two started cutting each other off, which tends to happen in interviews that don't go O'Reilly's way. Green finally pressed O'Reilly on why he is so adamant about discussing rap culture. Mr. O'Reilly dodged the question and condescended, "Well, you work for MTV."