When: September, 2012 
Where: The O'Reilly Factor

Even legendary newsmen aren't immune to a Bill O'Reilly bashing. Koppel came on The O'Reilly Factor and firmly stated, "I think that ideological coverage of the news, be it of the right or be it of the left, has created a political reality in this country that his bad for America." O'Reilly proved that his hubris knows no bounds, and responded to Koppel by saying, "You can't be on top for as long as the Fox News Channel has been on top and sell a product that's inferior or dishonsest. It's impossible in this country. So, therefore, I want you to re-evaluate our network, watch it a bit more and we'll talk in about a year."

Koppel calmly replied, "The millions of people are watching those of you with a particular point of view...it's business. It's operating as a business. Once upon a time you and I thought journalism was a calling."