When: June 2011
Where: The O'Reilly Factor

You'd think that Fox News would be thrilled that Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco referred to President Obama as a terrorist implicity in his song "Words I Never Said" and then explicitly in a follow-up interview. Surprisingly, O'Reilly took exception with Lupe's words. Fiasco articulated his point succinctly when called to task by Papa Bear.

"If you're going to fight terrorism," he said, "You fight the root causes." Fiasco implied that the root causes are American imperialism and the military industrial complex. Lupe then went on to condemn the War in Afghanistan.

O'Reilly condescendingly responded, "We went to Afghanistan to deprive Al-Qaeda of its sanctuary." Of course, O'Reilly didn't have it in him to treat a hip-hop artist with respect. O'Reilly was sure to ask Fiasco if he knows what "fallacious" means and mocked his sunglasses, to which Lupe responded, "Actually, they're prescription."