When: November 2010
Where: The O'Reilly Factor

If you want to get Bill O'Reilly mad, just say that women should be able to raise children on their own. During the promotional push for her film The Switch, Aniston said, "Women are realizing more and more knowing that they don't have to settle with a man just to have a child." Gretchen Carlson, O'Reilly's guest for the Aniston-bashing segment, fired shots immediately. She said, "This is because in her private life, she's a 41-year old single woman who's never been married ..." Though O'Reilly gently chided Carlson for that remark, Papa Bear and his guests put Aniston on blast for several more minutes. Though Aniston is used to criticism, she decided to go on ABC News to respond because she felt O'Reilly had "insulted women [raising children] on their own" in addition to herself.