Anyone even a little bit familiar with Fox News is used to its pundits railing against the left like it's their job. This is largely because it is their job. If you manage to keep Fox News on your television for longer than the few minutes it takes to recognize this, you'll likely be impressed with the other things the network dislikes. The employees of Fox News have to fill the 24 hours of the day, seven days a week, and sometimes there just isn't enough politics to fill the hour.

In desperate situations, the network looks in strange places for things to be upset about. Over the years, Fox News has taken aim at rappers, video games, and children's shows, accusing them of corrupting our nation's youth and/or supporting President Obama.

Take a moment to appreciate how the Fair and Balanced Network will go out of its way to hate on just about anything with these 25 Things We Love That Fox News Has Hated On.

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