Star Citizen, the open-space simulation from the creator of Wing Commander, has crowdfunded its way to $25 million bucks. Chris Roberts, Star Citizen's creator, released another set of stretch goals in his "Letter From the Chairmen." Roberts says that the new funds will enable the developer, Roberts Space Ind. to expand their alpha test plans by adding 50,000 new player slots.

Haven’t jumped on the Star Citizen bandwagon yet? Roberts says that for the next goal of $27 million it will add new ships and technology to flesh-out some of the different races in the universe.

While $25 million is a lot of dough, making a top notch AAA title like Grand Theft Auto V takes about $200 million. We're excited to see where Star Citizen may go but who knows when it might come out. Stay tuned for more details.

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[Via RockPaperShotgun]