You know things are probably getting dicey when a company decides to form an internal policing committee to keep watch over a flagship franchise. Yet that’s exactly what Square-Enix is done, bringing together many long-time Final Fantasy developer alumni in a committee designed to ensure the series’ continual quality.

The committee runs the gamut from the older guard to the new-school, with longtime FF dev Yoshinori Kitase (FF VI-VIII, X, and the XIII trilogy among others) leading Crisis Core director Hajime Tabata, FF XIV director Naoki Yoshida and designer Motomu Toriyama, who has been working on Final Fantasy since VII.

It remains to be seen what this FF committee will actually do (or why some other veteran FF developers remain mostly uninvolved for the time being, including longtime Kingdom Hearts and FF designer Tetsuya Nomura), and nothing has yet been announced following the committee formation.

But given the dismal failure of FF XIV before its relaunch and the somewhat tepid reaction to the FF XIII series – to say nothing of FFXV’s insanely delayed production scale that’s lasted the course of an entire console generation  any sort of meeting of the minds to keep the ship on course is probably a good thing.

Then again, Final Fantasy may have already seen its best days regardless. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Via Nova Crystallis