Harold Hunter was a New York skateboarder who grew up in the East Village, helping put the NYC skate scene on the map when he was covered in Thrasher in 1989 for a photo essay by Charlie Samuels. Hunter went on to be sponsored by Zoo York, appeared on Kung Faux, Kids, and Miami Ink. Yet, in 2006, Hunter was found dead of a cocaine-induced heart attack in NYC.

A year later, the Harold Hunter Foundation was formed. It's a non-profit aimed at providing a community for NYC skateboarders that allows them to reach their potential professionally and personally. Now, HHF and Skullcandy have teamed up to release 100 limited edition headphones, with all proceeds going to the foundation. Each set is individually numbered and comes with custom artwork from skate photographer Giovanni Reda, both on the device itself and on its packaging.

And the box itself really is something to keep. Aside from the dope photography, it's also where the assigned number of your pair is handwritten. The Aviator headphones are also light and portable, with soft leather ear pillows that don't leave your ears feeling sore if you've been listening to music for a long period of time. The leather headband is also a nice touch, and complements the black and white design along the outside of the device. The cord also includes a mic that lets you make and receive calls, or pause and play songs on the fly. The sound is decent enough, you won't have any complaints—but there isn't any noise cancelling features, and if you're playing music in a relatively quiet area, people will be able to hear what you're listening to.


Check out the Harold Hunter Foundation's website for more about the man and the mission. You can pick the headphones up at Skullcandy.comTheberrics.com and SHUT for $199.99—while you still can. 

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