Here's a show with the potential to be awesome: According to DeadlineThe Shield creator Shawn Ryan, and Fast & Furious franchise director Justin Lin are teaming up to create a new pilot for Fox about Hawaii in the '50s. From the site:

Co-written by Ryan and Davey Holmes (Shameless), with Fast & The Furious‘ Justin Lin directing, the untitled project is set in 1957 in the Territory of Hawaii, which is on a path to become the 50th state in the Union two years later. Statehood and tourism are about to make a few men very rich, and when the brother of a small-time Hawaiian hustler is murdered, he resolves to wage war on the most powerful man on the island.

The potential series has been given a put pilot commitment by Fox, which basically means that if the network doesn't air it, they stand to pay substantial penalties to the studio. So, at the very least, we'll see the first episode! If Whitney got two seasons, this show will get at least one.

[via Deadline]