If residents of San Francisco were pissed about the noise from the Nike Women's Marathon on Sunday, they were really pissed off when they were directed to a phone sex line to voice their complaints. The event began 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning called 311 seeking Nike's number to complain; instead of being given (866) RUN-NIKE, they were told to direct their anger to (800) RUN-NIKE.

When you're incensed about being awake long before you want to be, you're not in the mood to play around with someone talking dirty to you.

311 director Nancy Alfaro said that the wrong number was only given out for 30 minutes, and SFGate.com says it's unknown how many people were given the wrong number. Hopefully, they're laughing about it by now like the rest of the world. 

An investigation into the root of the incident is ongoing.

[via New York Daily News and SFGate.com]