TMZ is reporting that Rapper Daz Dillinger, ex-member of Dogg Pound, says Rockstar Games tried to lowball him on tracks for Grand Theft Auto V then used them anyway. This according to a cease and desist letter Daz shot off to the makers of GTA V.

In the letter Daz and his attorney claim that "C-Walk" and "Nothin' But the Cavi Hit" are used in the game even though Daz turned down Rockstar's "offensively low offer of $4,271 for both songs."

In other art imitating life news, or maybe the other way around: Voice-actor Shawn Fonteno, the voice of Franklin in Grand Theft Auto V, was a rapper back in the 90s named Solo who knocked out Ice Cube. TMZ reports:

"Fonteno used to rap under the name Solo — and back in the day, he appeared in the documentary Beef 2 describing a fight with Ice Cube, in which he claims he knocked out the rapper over a business dispute and stole his chain.

Grand Theft Auto V has just crushed 7 Guinness World Records. Rockstar Games' latest goldmine is now the fastest selling video game in a 24-hour period and the "fastest entertainment property" to generate a billion bucks.

GTA V reached $1 billion in retail sales within three days of its release on September 17, breaking the previously head record by the Call of Duty series. In its first day of retail sales more than 11.21 million copies of GTA V went into the hands of gamers, generating revenue of $815.7 million.

Lastly check out this Trevor-centric cut-scene edit from YouTube user KetothoPL edited in the style of a horror film. It's easy to see how GTA V could easily become a survival horror game. A get away from Trevor DLC would be pretty damn scary.