Rachel McAdams has already conquered romantic comedies with a sci-fi element (all including time travel: The Time Traveler's Wife, Midnight in Paris, About Time), so what's the next logical step? Doing that all in space, of course.

According to Uproxx, McAdams is in negotiations to star in the upcoming Passengers, a romantic comedy about a young man (Keanu Reeves) and woman (McAdams) both in cryogenic sleep during an intergalactic journey to another planet. A computer glitch wakes up the dude early—as in, 90 years early—and he's so bummed and lonely that he wakes up the girl to keep him company. For some reason, she's not like, "yo, why did you wake me up early, I had plans not to spend the rest of my waking like on a space ship with ONLY YOU FOREVER," and the two fall in love.

The role was reportedly originally supposed to go to Reese Witherspoon, but she dropped out due to a scheduling conflict. McAdams is now negotiating to star, and The Weinstein Company has apparently put the project on the fast-track since Gravity did so well in theaters. Because, obviously, Gravity = space, thus space must = a hit in theaters? 

Remember when Rachel McAdams did movies other than formulaic romcoms?

[via Uproxx]