Pusha T says: "People have to remember before it was going to Miami, it was coming to Virginia Beach, and I mean that as far as the hip-hop community. Virginia Beach were the firs to do the Greek Fest, which was like black colleges coming and congregating and taking over the boardwalk. It got crazy one year and they were hosing kids down. Public Enemy put it in a video. I believe it's "Can't Truss It." This was the first Freaknik. This area was the first stop off. So, just to see all those influences was great coming up.

"Our musical history was so rich in a sense of producers. You had the Timbaland. You had Pharrell, Chad Hugo, and The Neptunes, and then you had the transplant Teddy Riley. Telly Riley came to Virginia Beach and he was producing Michael Jackson out of Virginia Beach and Jay-Z and SWV and all of these smash hit records during The Jack Swing era. He shot the actual "Rump Shaker" video in Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach has been very instrumental in my upbringing. Just as far as seeing like, 'oh man, you can really make it in the music industry.' I didn't really know that before. It's because of Virginia Beach that I know that."