Announced today through the Playstation Blog, the Playstation 4 will not support functionality for client media services or support DLNA devices.

A major let down to consumers as many hoped the next gen console would integrate this growing service. DLNA allows sharing and streaming of videos or other media directly from your home PC to other devices. Looks like a step backwards for Sony as the Playstation 3 was DLNA capable and allowed users to access their PC's media from the consoles dashboard.

For those of you who are thinking this is a potential deal breaker between Xbox One and Playstation 4, don't jump the gun. Microsoft announced the Xbox One would not support the Windows Media Center Extender, allowing multiple devices to be connected while running Windows. Microsoft has not confirmed the issue of DLNA support for the Xbox One as of yet, but Sony's decision to exclude it from their console could sway Microsoft to include it in hopes of gaining more support.

An interesting move by the team over at Sony, but something tells us change could be on the way as many people are looking to make their next gen console their ultimate media hub, when PS4 releases November 15.

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[via Polygon]