If you’re a vodka fan, but can’t seem to branch out from always drinking it with tonic or soda, then you need to check out ABSOLUT’s Complete Drink Mixing Guide. This is not your average cocktail recipe list; it’s a comprehensive guide on how to properly procure, prepare, and present some truly excellent ABSOLUT-based drinks. With tips on everything from how to stock your bar to what type of ingredients to buy to what’s most important when it comes to mixology (hint: it’s not about exact measurements, it’s about proportion and quality ingredients), the ABSOLUT Complete Drink Mixing Guide gives you a leg up for hosting gatherings large or small. Oh, and don’t worry, there’s plenty of recipes too, from the Moscow Mule to the Brandy Daisy to the delectable Lotus Flower.

Why not broaden your cocktail horizons a bit? Your palate will definitely thank you. Visit the ABSOLUT Complete Drink Mixing Guide at absolutdrinks.com.