Film: Mystery Men (1999)
Most recent project: Usher quit directing feature films to focus on commercials, including a Bridgestone advertisement for the 2011 Super Bowl.

Blue Raja. Mr. Furious. Shoveler. The Bowler. Those are the heroes in the Kinka Usher directed Mystery Men, a parody of the superhero genre that couldn't take it self any less seriously released in 1999. Critics usually use the word "campy" to shame awful movies that were not aware at how bad they were, not so in this case. In this movie, camp is the virtue. Sometimes it seemed like the actors were trying crack each other up while filming, one-upping the ridiculousness and overacting over the last guy. Case in point: in the movie, the main villain's name is Casanova Frankenstein.

Add that name to the ones you read before and you understand what's going on here. You also understand there is no gray zone. Either you accept the invitation to the silly party and put on your cone hat or you politely decline and declare that you are an adult, sir.

Kinka Usher, after directing this nuclear box office bomb turned cult hit, vanished from Hollywood. If Kinka ever returns, we're sure it will be a pleasant surprise.