Film: Sling Blade (1996)
Most recent project: Thornton recently co-wrote and directed the 1960s set drama Jayne Mansfield's Car in 2012

Billy Bob Thornton is one of the busiest actors in the film game since the '80s; your hand will begin to cramp up by the time you scroll to the bottom of his filmography page on IMDB. But he has sat in the director's chair a few times, producing, on his first feature outing, an undeniable classic, Sling Blade, in which he also delivers a performance that defies you to not admit he's an actor deserving to be mentioned with the truly elite in Hollywood, though we all know he continues to be slept-on 'til this day.

Thornton directed four movies after Sling Blade, but to limited fanfare and palty box office returns. His second directing gig, the ambitious All The Pretty Horses, based on the "unfilmable" Cormac McCarthy novel, flopped financially and the "unfilmable" truthers shouted "We told you so."

Billy Bob directed another film last year, but we can tell by the way you're looking up at the ceiling that you probably didn't see it. No one else did either. We still believe in the Bob. He's going to direct another movie that will demand our attention once again. We can feel it.